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Brown signs care-home liability law

| August 20, 2014
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law a measure requiring for the first time that assisted living homes carry liability insurance. The measure mandates that the 7,500 such facilities in California, with beds for 176,000 seniors, must carry insurance...

The Price of Getting to Choose

| August 12, 2014
Anyone who has health insurance through their work might want to take a look at the Covered California web site. For better or worse, something like it is coming your way.

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Some doctors back away from Obamacare

The Riverside Medical Clinics — with 140 doctors in five offices — is one of the largest providers of health services in the county. But it won’t be participating in the new health exchange marketplace called Covered California.

Fatal cases at assisted living facilities raise questions about tough family choices, limited state oversight

Hundreds of San Diego County seniors have suffered serious injuries at assisted living homes that promised comfort and safety for their waning years.


Sponsors Withdraw Support of Bill Raising Fines on Assisted Living Homes

The two sponsors of a bill to increase fines imposed on assisted living homes in California withdrew their support Tuesday, following a behind-the-scenes revision of the legislation.

The Young Invincibles: A Key to Obamacare Success

Now that Obamacare is underway, what happened with the much-discussed demographic group known as the “young invincibles”? You might be surprised.

At last, the legislature funds a state dental director

Dentists in California, and their patients, are on the cusp of a major breakthrough. The legislature has included money in the state budget for a state dental director, a top priority of the California Dental Association.

Can 3 million newly insured fit into current system?

California’s resounding success in enrolling residents in Obamacare health insurance policies and expanded Medi-Cal coverage—a total of nearly 3 million people—is bumping up against the next Big Question: can these new enrollees use their insurance...

Is another epidemic coming?

Is another infectious disease about to run rampant in California?


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