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Diagnosis of debt


Patient uses law to secure discount on hospital bill

After trying for months to get some relief on $72,000 in medical debt, Andy Gee has made some progress.   Our center profiled Gee, of San...

Diagnosis of Debt: Protect yourself from medical debt

The California Report's host Rachel Myrow and Kelley Weiss talk about tips for avoiding medical debt burdens. Transcript below. Medical...

Diagnosis of Debt: Will help come from government?

We’ve heard a lot about how medical debt is at an all-time high and hurting patients and hospitals alike. So what role does the...


Resources Information about California’s Hospital Fair Pricing Act, how to manage medical debt

Hospital Fair Pricing Act: Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development

JustHealth: consumer group helping patients with medical bills

Consumer Reports: How to check medical bills for errors and avoid excessive debt

The Access Project: National group studying medical debt

2010 survey tracking medical debt by The Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit health care research group 

ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions: Nonprofit company specializing in debt management

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